Poor breeding by less than quality dogs can lead to the following health problems that can or can't be associated with Bulldogs. My dogs are healthy and disease free. When searching for a healthy bulldog find a reputable breeder, someone who has show dogs that are proven and healthy. A reputable breeder will require co-ownership of show dogs or AKC limited registration and spay/neuter contracts for healthy pets.

If you decide to buy a Bulldog, make sure you purchase from a reputable breeder with a history of producing healthy dogs. Saving a few hundred dollars on the purchase of your dog could cost you A LOT of money later. The Bulldog, however, can be a high maintenance breed. They are a man made breed.

Elbow Dysplasia, and Patellar Dysplasia should be screened for before breeding. Very few Bulldogs have ever been OFA rated (for hip dysphasia) and a good Bulldog hip is generally poorly rated by OFA. Only a small number of Bulldogs have ever been OFA rated, and none have been considered excellent.

Cherry eye (or "haw"), entropian and extropian, is common in Bulldogs, and surgery may be required to fix the problem. The breeding stock should be screened. Cherry Eye is a swelling of a gland in the inner eye lid. We suggest that the gland be tacked down instead of removed as removal can later lead to dry eye.

This comes with being a Bulldog. A lot of Brach cephalic breeds have this problem. Along with the elongated palate is blown laryngeal sacks. These sacks turn hard like tonsils and block the dog's airway. Both of these problems can be corrected with surgery.

Entropian/extropian is the folding in or out of the eye lids, which bring the eyelashes in contact with the eye lens. This causes scratching, ulcers and eventually blindness. It is surgically corrected by putting a "tuck" in the offending eye lid. This requires a delicate touch and experience not to put too much tuck and distort the look of the eye. As always, any surgery should be a last resort; find a veterinarian with experience with Bulldogs.

The Bulldogs can be prone to this under the heavy rope like wrinkles on their faces. This does occur when the wrinkle is not kept clean or when moisture gets under the wrinkles.

You need to keep an eye on your Bulldog's tail and make sure that dermatitis does not develop, or that the tail does not grow to close to the buttocks or even into the buttocks.

This is the cause of mange and some Bulldogs can get this disease.

Most, if not all, Bulldog puppies are delivered by C-section. AKC once described this as trying to get the Circus Fat Lady into the Tightrope Walkers leotards. Bitches do have a difficult time free whelping their puppies. This is due to their narrow pelvis and the fact that they are higher in the rear. Also, puppies have a wide flat skull and muzzle. The puppies' shoulders are also very wide. Bulldogs, also, have a higher than normal record of producing "Anasarca" puppies. These are fetuses that retain fluid in their tissues, and end up as water filled puppies, often weighing two or three times what a normal puppy would weigh. They become so large that they can not fit through the birth canal.

Bulldogs can have a variety of skin allergies.